Krista had big dreams. She wanted to do a mock trial with her Grade 9 English students. She asked me if I would like to help her with it – I agreed. And so began the greatest co-teaching relationship I have had the pleasure of being a part of.  The mock trial was such a great success – for the students and for us – that we began planning another unit, this one about love. We asked for help from some lovely consultants at our school, and they suggested we start a blog to share some of the things we have done. I had some cheesy blog titles rattling around in my head, so it made sense. You will find the unit Krista and I co-planned “Love, A Fair” as its own pages on this blog.

And if you’re wondering what the cheesiest title I’ve ever used is, it was on a paper I wrote in my third year of university: “Not just bridging the gap, but being the bridge.”

A note on sharing:

1. You are allowed to use assignments I post.
2. Before using said assignments, you must give students a lengthy speech on one of the following topics: littering, recycling, exercising, or “kids these days.”
3. If someone sees the assignment and offers you a promotion/money/cookie, you must forward the cookie to me or buy me a gift with the money. Promotion is yours to keep, but if I someday come to you needing a favour, illicit or otherwise, I expect no hesitation or need for explanation.


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