Hey Mrs. Evenson

In all of the following dialogues:
– “S” = anonymous student
– “E” = me
– ” :| ” represents the face I make

S- Hey Mrs.Evenson?
E – Yes?
S- I’m really excited for this weekend!
E- That’s great! What’s happeing this weekend?
S- Can’t tell you.
E – :|

S- Hey Mrs.Evenson?
E- Yes?
S- Is Canada a country?
E- :|

S- Hey Mrs. Evenson….
E- Yes?
S- How old is this encycolpedia?
E- 2002
S- Ok, because it has an entry here for Atlanta, and so I was thinking it was an old book….like before they lost it.
E- :|

S – Hey Mrs. Evenson?
E- Yes?
S- Is it weird to like the taste of your own blood?
E- :|

S- Hey Mrs.Evenson!
E- Yo.
S- Did you just say ‘yo’?
E- …..yes……
S – :|

S- Hey Mrs.Evenson….have you ever found a dead body on Google maps?
E- :|
S – I have. It’s in the Netherlands.
E – :O

S – Hey Mrs.Evenson?
E – Yes?
S – Can I be the first person to hold your baby?
E – :|


2 thoughts on “Hey Mrs. Evenson

  1. Yvonne says:

    This is so hilarious! Love it! I think I have to have a funny nurses blog too! You would be amazed!

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