Bits and Bites

(october 21st)

Seriously. Regina. Don’t pretend you don’t see me beside you trying to merge into the one lane that is open due to construction. Don’t act like you are better than me because you happened to miraculously choose the correct lane 250 car lengths ago. We are in this together. This will go a lot quicker if you just LEARN TO ZIPPER MERGE.

(january 14th)

I get in a pensive mood sometimes. Most often when I listen to Josh Garrels, Iron and Wine, or Coldplay.

My sister lives in Estevan (trust me, it’s related). Whenever I drive home from Estevan, I see this.


Once when driving home from Estevan, probably because I was listening to Iron and Wine, I stopped to take a picture. I reflected on the power and advancement of humans, but how it can never come close to the beauty of nature. I’ve always loved this picture. And now I’m sharing it.  Because sometimes, I need to take a corner of my blog to be pensive and post tree pictures.

(september 13th)

I’d like to be a Google doodle someday. People would go to the homepage and see the doodle, and let their mouse hover over the picture to find out what it was commemorating, and it would say “Kate Evenson’s 145th birthday.” And people would think, who is that? And they’d click on it and the wikipedia page on me would inform them that I was the first woman to pilot a single rocket ship to Venus. Or something awesome like that. More likely it’ll be something like “first woman to break every bone when attempting to water ski.”

(june 4)

Many people ask this time of year, “How’s the end of the school year going?” I will summarize for you with the following quote: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

(may 23)

Today we had a guest speaker. I’ve seen perhaps a dozen guest speakers over the years. This was the best I’ve ever seen. You know it’s a good guest speaker when you don’ t have to tell one student to put their phone away and listen.

I can’t describe his whole presentation, so go to that website and watch the video.

There are three things that resonate most with me after his presentation.

1.Students have come up to him after his show and handed over their suicide letters. He said they’ve had 38 students do that in the last year. Many students write a suicide note weeks or even months before they commit suicide. You never know how your words and actions might affect someone: it could mean they hand you their suicide note, or use it.

2. Years after the accident, Robb called the semi-driver who hit the car. He called to say he was okay. The truck driver said that was nice to know, but that he still felt bad about the boy who got his head ripped open and died. Robb said, that’s me! The truck driver started to cry. Turns out the truck driver was seeing a psychologist and psychiatrist, and on anti-depressants because he was haunted by memories of the accident. Robb talked about how that was the first time he’d done something for someone else, and it felt good.

3. Robb said he doesn’t like Kelly Clarkson’s song when she says, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” because it gives the impression that tragedy or hardship will automatically make you stronger. It doesn’t. You have to make a decision to turn things around, or you won’t become stronger, you will be crushed. I really like that message. Sometimes students, and adults I supposed, take unnecessary risks and make poor decisions in the name of “what doesn’t kill me.” One of Robb’s main messages was to learn lessons from others; to not have to live through your own tragedy. I just butchered trying to explain that, so just go listen to this:

Needless to say, after the show Robb and his band were mobbed by excited teenagers. And maybe a few teachers.


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