Tis the Season to be Challenged

This is one of my favorite units to teach. Even more so now that I’ve taught it and made improvements for this time around.


Today was brainstorm day. In groups of three/four, students went to six posters with the challenge titles and wrote down as many ideas as they could in one minute. Some of the standouts:

Fears to overcome:

photo 2

Habits to quit:

photo 4

Raising awareness about:

photo 1

There is not enough being said about illegal imorgrants!

New things to try:

photo 5

Good self awareness on the “practice spelling” comment.

Something you’ve always wanted to do:

photo 3

I think it’s going to be a fun last few weeks of the semester.


One thought on “Tis the Season to be Challenged

  1. suzy says:

    HAHA! this is fantastic.

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