Giving Thanks

I am thankful every day that I’m not an elementary school teacher. Granted, if you closed your eyes and came into my classroom, some days it would sound like an Grade 2 class – with all the “he’s bugging me!” and “I don’t have a pencil” comments – but most of the time, students are able to get to class, do their work, and use a washroom on their own.

There is one area of elementary school I wish to bring to high school, and that is colouring. You have no idea what joy registers on students’ faces when you mention colouring. I think it’s because they invest years and years into making cards for every occasion and entering colouring contests, only to be cut short once they reach high school – they’re suddenly too old to colour! It’s hard to quit cold turkey. They try to cover their dissapointment by acting like they’re too cool to colour, when really their insides are screaming for a Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown and Atomic Tangerine to express themselves with. So when I suggested we do the following colouring activity in our homeroom class, the students were at first surprised. They lauged it off. They tried not to act excited. But every one of them sat silently, focused on the work at hand.

Go make your own hand turkey thank you card for someone special. I promise they will be thrilled, and you will enjoy making it.  Happy thanksgiving everyone.


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