Preparing to Present

Most of the students are finished reading their non-fiction text, doing their internet research, and interviewing someone. They are also in the midst of overcoming their challenge. We are at the point of building a presentation (step four on the handout for those of you following along). In class yesterday, I showed the students some presentation options.

Glogster – for making posters online. You can upload pictures, link websites, and add text.

Prezi – powerpoint on crack.

Xtranormal – make your own video with cartoons and robot voices!

Lucid Chart – So simple to use that instead of sarcastically asking someone if they need a flow chart, I’ll just make one.

There’s of course Microsoft Powerpoint, which can be a really effective way to present, but is often misused. Show this video to your students to start a discussion. (There’s different versions of the video out there, some longer and some shorter, so search around and find one that suits your needs).

There’s also Publisher if the student wanted to make a brochure as their how-to guide. I would suggest you print out a sample brochure so that students understand which is the front flap, inside flap, etc. when they’re making theirs.

After going through these options, students excitedly got to building their presentations using at least one of the above options. In blog world. In reality, they stared at me until one student said, “Can I just make a poster?”

After more explaining, and showing them with a bit more detail how to use the websites, a few of them signed up for a gloster or prezi account and are giving that a try, and many warmed up to a brochure. Sometimes I assume that since students have cell phones and Facebook accounts, they’re all technology guru’s who love to do things on computers, which isn’t necessarily true. Some of them are intimidated by technology, or frustrated because when they do try new things, they experience technical difficulties due to computers not loading, the internet being down, or not having an email address to register with. What I really wanted to do was urge them to try something different, and some are. It’s the small victories. I made you a flow chart.


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